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Southern Ute Tribe votes on another payout from $126M settlement

Citizens of the Southern Ute Tribe in Colorado. Photo: Larry Lamsa

Citizens of the Southern Ute Tribe are at the polls to determine what to do with the remainder of a $126 million trust fund settlement.

The tribe already shared 60 percent of the settlement on a per capita basis. Each citizen received $45,000 last year, The Durango Herald and The Southern Ute Drum reported.

The tribe was planning to the rest of the money for various activities. But a group of citizens forced a referendum that would require another round of per cap payouts.

The Southern Ute Tribe settled a trust mismanagement case in September 2016 for $126 million.

Balloting is taking place on the reservation in Colorado today. The polls close at 7pm Mountain time, according to an election flyer.

The $126 million settlement was one of the last finalized during the Obama administration. It resolved decades of mismanagement of the tribe's trust funds.

The award was among the largest of the 100-plus settlements reached by the federal government between 2009 and 2016.

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