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André Cramblit: Celebrating the music that shapes our Native lives

Prince on Vimeo: Purple Rain

From traditional songs to contemporary artists, music is a big part of Native life. André Cramblit, a citizen of the Karuk Tribe, is more than happy to pass the traditions down to the new generations:
I don’t know exactly what it is like for other tribes, but for the Karuk music and songs are an integral part of what defines our cultural continuum. We have songs for just about everything, traveling, working, ceremonies, animals, love, luck, items of significance on and on ad infinitum.

I remember my 89-year-old great Aunt sharing her song that described her love for her Mother’s bread. She also had a passion for everything Elvis, I think the only reason she came to my college graduation is that it included a side trip to Memphis to visit the hallowed grounds of the sacred Graceland.

I have my Harley Davidson, I hope my computer doesn’t crash, gambling, mourning and personal medicine songs. That is in addition to the brush dance, kick dance, flower dance, jump dance and other songs from specific ceremonies that I am blessed to be able to sing.

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