A Kathy Griffin concert poster. Photo: Ryan Clark

Steve Russell: How far is too far? A 'tasteless' anti-Trump joke

Steve Russell, a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, is no fan of Donald Trump. But you won't find him defending comedian Kathy Griffin, who lost a booking a tribal casino and countless other venues after appearing in a controversial anti-Trump photo shoot:
I began my Facebook post saying I have never heard of Kathy Griffin. I was about to unload on her about being photographed with the severed head of Donald Trump. I was surprised at how much reaction my comments got.

Then, that evening, Kathy Griffin had a press conference, which I accidentally caught on TV. She had an epic meltdown on camera and accused Donald and Melania Trump of trying to destroy her life because they talked back to her on Twitter.

From watching the Griffin pity party, I would have thought that she was a kid just about to hit the big time when she made this doozy of a mistake from which she despaired of recovering. Even if that were the case, I thought, it would not excuse blaming her victims—a tactic that is vintage Trump.

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