The tribal delegation in Ireland. Photo: Choctaw Nation

Choctaw Nation travels to Ireland to dedicate 'Kindred Spirits' sculpture

Leaders and citizens of the Choctaw Nation traveled to Ireland to help unveil a sculpture that recognizes the tribe's historic connections to the Irish people.

In 1847, the tribe sent a donation of about $170 to help the Irish people during their Great Famine. The donation was remarkable, considering that the Choctaws had just been forced out of its homelands by the United States only a decade earlier.

“We know the story of the tragedy of all our people that we endured and over came. But we knew once we heard of the story of hardship of the Irish people we knew it was our time to step up and help out,” Chief Gary Batton said at the dedication ceremony for the Kindred Spirits sculpture on Sunday, The Irish Examiner reported. “We have endured — the Choctaw people and the people of Ireland.”

It is an honor to represent the Tribe and the Choctaw people for the dedication of the Kindred Spirits sculpture in...

Posted by Chief Gary Batton on Saturday, June 17, 2017
Chief Gary Batton on Facebook: An 'honor' to represent the Choctaw Nation in Ireland

The sculpture by Alex Pentek is located in Bailick Park, Midleton, in Cork County. It features nine stainless steel eagle feathers placed in the shape of a bowl.

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