An image depicting Donald Trump as a baby is displayed on a screen during a Roger Waters concert in Washington, D.C., on August 5, 2017. Photo by Indianz.Com (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)
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Alex Jacobs: Beware the new 'tribalism' in American politics with Donald Trump

Have you heard the one about Donald Trump and his "peyote" presidency? Mohawk artist and poet Alex Jacobs looks at the new tribalism in American politics:
Political pundits seem to have glommed onto a new word in describing their own political mess, which as we all know starts at the top and oozes down. From Trump’s hair on down to Jeff Sessions pointy head. That word is “Tribalism” and politicos stumped by Trump act like Columbus adrift by discovering the word “Tribal” to describe “OH, This Mess We’re In.” Really, blame it on tribalism. As in, the long knives are out, there will be blood spilled, it is vengeance and blood feud, the Natives are restless, scalping parties are on the war path, every ignorant and savage reference to deflect criticism away from the alleged “civilized.”

Trump continues the carnage on his self-congratulating road show tour to trash, tear down and vilify American Democratic Institutions and prop up his authoritarian regime of sycophants, kleptomaniacs, and sociopaths. Trump had tens of thousands of Boy Scouts chanting, shouting in approximation of a Hitler Youth tribal campfire, even after the adults in charge said, ‘Please don’t treat the gathering as a political campaign event.’ Trump loved those kids because he could say anything and they cheered and he did say anything and everything, horrifying patents and Scouts leadership. Then he banned the Transgendered from serving in a depleted military that needs all the volunteers it can get. But his generals said there is a chain of command and protocol and meaningful orders. Then he said the police could rough up arrested detainees, prompting Police agencies to say they follow the law and would not encourage anything that would endanger citizens or themselves. Then he hired a trash talking faux-gangster Wall Street Wolf as his “communications” chief. The Mooch was praised for revealing what Trump is actually thinking instead of trying to cover up and make nice. He lasted just 10 days as General Kelly was made new chief of staff leaving Homeland Security. We can only hope that Kelly will keep any false flags from flying if Trump’s ship starts to sink.

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