Senate Committee on Indian Affairs advances nine bills at first meeting (February 9, 2017)

Members of the panel are hoping bipartisanship wins the day even as Republicans and Democrats remain far apart on Capitol Hill.

Little Shell Chippewa Tribe continues long journey for federal status (February 9, 2017)

The tribe's ancestors negotiated and signed treaties in the late 1800s but they have yet to be formally acknowledged by the United States.

Gyasi Ross: Barack Obama's complicated legacy in Indian Country (February 9, 2017)

The Thing About Skins on the Pros and Cons of the Obama Administration.

Dakota Access pushes to finish pipeline with Army Corps easement in hand (February 9, 2017)

The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe is already fighting back with a request to halt all construction activities.

Cronkite News: Navajo Nation is still waiting for disaster assistance (February 9, 2017)

Multiple federal agencies were unable to provide disaster relief to the Navajo Nation after the Gold King Mine disaster that spilled 3 million gallons of toxins into the Animas River, the tribe’s president told a Senate panel.

Mark Charles: The real reason Donald Trump hasn't heard about #NoDAPL (February 9, 2017)

Our elders leading the resistance at Standing Rock are very wise.

Native Sun News Today: School donates to Northern Cheyenne elders and youth (February 9, 2017)

Chief Dull Knife College language and cultural instructor Burt Medicine Bull and his students had the opportunity to gift tribal elders and children with warm blankets and coats donated by the Lippon School in Ohio.

James Giago Davies: Dakota Access battle has got us divided again (February 9, 2017)

Are we really one people, united in the face of Wasicu oppression, or are there always legitimate reasons to bail out, switch sides, abandon allies, and shake hands with Wasicu facilitators?