Tribal sovereignty foe in charge of nation's environmental agenda (February 20, 2017)

Scott Pruitt, as attorney general in Oklahoma, repeatedly fought tribes on jurisdiction, immunity and taxation fronts.

Senate finally ready to consider nomination of Ryan Zinke as Interior Secretary (February 20, 2017)

It's unusual for Indian Country to wait so long for someone to be confirmed at the Interior Department, which includes the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Cronkite News: Navajo leader pleads to President Trump to help coal power plant (February 20, 2017)

The owners of the Navajo Generating Station voted to keep the plant operating until its lease ends in December 2019, pending agreement with the Navajo Nation on reclamation of the site.

Senate Committee on Indian Affairs sets hearing on Trump administration 'priorities' (February 20, 2017)

Tribes are still in the dark about the future of Indian health and the Cabinet position most important to Indian Country remains vacant.

Peter d'Errico: Indian Country's 'trustee' isn't trustworthy anymore (February 20, 2017)

When it comes to the Dakota Access Pipeline remember the adage: ‘fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.’

André Cramblit: Sorry but Indian Country just got 'Trumped' again (February 20, 2017)

Just as we Natives were making headway in an historically unfair system, we've been Trumped.

Dina Gilio-Whitaker: Sen. John Hoeven raises red flags in Indian Country (February 20, 2017)

Your words of working together is a slap in the face of Indian country, Colville citizen Dina Gilio-Whitaker writes in Indian Country Media Network.

Ivan Star Comes Out: 'Civilization' aims to alienate Native America (February 20, 2017)

My Native ancestry was nearly removed from my consciousness by the Euro-American’s blasphemous need to make me into their image

Native Sun News Today: 'Haven For Hope' proposed for homeless in Rapid City (February 20, 2017)

Imagine a multi-acre one stop shop campus that offers food, clothing and shelter for the homeless, residential facilities, substance abuse rehabilitation, mental health services, job training, education, vision, dental and other health services.

Mark Trahant: Indian programs gain 'high risk' label at worst time (February 20, 2017)

Federal Indian programs have been added to the “high-risk” category by the Government Accountability Office.

Tim Giago: Our Lakota children are dying while we wring our hands (February 20, 2017)

The Lakota call their children 'wakanyeja’ which means Sacred and special. There are times I wonder if we are deluding ourselves.