Bill John Baker: Cherokee Nation makes $2B impact on economy (May 1, 2017)

Today, more than ever, the Cherokee Nation is an essential part of the economic fabric of our great state

Whiteclay goes quiet as liquor stores near reservation shut down (May 1, 2017)

Liquor is no longer flowing in a small town near the Pine Ridge Reservation for the first time in more than a century.

Fort Peck woman faces life sentence for death of 13-month-old girl (May 1, 2017)

Janelle Red Dog is pleading guilty to second-degree murder in an incident blamed on drug abuse.

Peter d'Errico: The dangers in accepting a colonial view of sovereignty (May 1, 2017)

A careful analysis of the ‘self-government’ rhetoric reveals that beneath the glitter are difficult compromises and dangerous assumptions.

Mary Annette Pember: Native artists join forces to change the world (May 1, 2017)

Grassroots organization founded by First Nations artists synonymous with indigenous resistance.

Mark Trahant: Bill boosts spending for Indian Country -- for now (May 1, 2017)

Congress has a spending plan. And it rejects most (but not all) of President Donald J. Trump’s priorities.

YES! Magazine: Ponca Tribe starts 273-mile march on trail of tears (May 1, 2017)

A unique alliance among tribes, ranchers, and other landowners in Nebraska regroups to resist fossil fuel development like the Keystone XL.

Gary DuBois: Tribal spirit saved lives during 1992 Los Angeles riots (May 1, 2017)

25 years later, one Native guardsmen at the epicenter of the LA Riots recalls how a tribal sense of community helped settle the unrest

Elizabeth Cook-Lynn: Days of uncertainty for indigenous peoples (May 1, 2017)

These days of uncertainty, we ask about the historical perspective of trying to make sense of how to live good lives as Native people, even as others burn away our hopes and dreams.

Native Sun News Today: Indian academics join March for Science (May 1, 2017)

More than 1,200 indigenous scientists, scholars and allies worldwide signed a declaration to endorse the March for Science.