Trump administration sues Guam over land trust program for indigenous residents (October 25, 2017)

The Trump administration is suing the government of Guam, a U.S. territory, over a land trust program that is meant to benefit the indigenous residents of the island.

Tribes press Congress for greater authority -- including taxation -- over their lands (October 25, 2017)

Tribal leaders and their advocates are embracing a once-controversial Indian land bill, seeing it as a means for exercising greater control of their economic futures.

David Ganje: South Dakota signs onto anti-tribal brief in Supreme Court water case (October 25, 2017)

South Dakota hasn't entered into any tribal water settlement agreements even though this issue has been on the table for decades.

Native Sun News Today: Indian inmates urged to reconnect to their tribal heritages (October 25, 2017)

Am anti-meth event, spiritual conference and powwow brought several Lakota leaders to the medium-maximum prison in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Las Vegas Paiute Tribe already looking for ways to expand new marijuana operation (October 25, 2017)

The Las Vegas Paiute Tribe is already looking for ways to expand its brand new marijuana business in Nevada.

President Trump warned not to revert to non-Native name for Alaska's highest peak (October 25, 2017)

It looks like Denali, the Native name for Alaska's highest peak, is safe under the Trump administration. For now.

Aura Bogado: Let activists lead their own movements instead of the 'White saviors' (October 25, 2017)

Activists who come to command without listening to those they’re ostensibly helping produce a devastation that makes the project of systemic oppression that much easier.

Cronkite News: Arizona's junior senator ends campaign in protest of political climate (October 25, 2017)

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Arizona) walked away from a 2018 re-election bid, saying he 'will not be complicit or silent' about America's political climate.

Mark Trahant: Indian Country knows all too well the high costs of forced relocation (October 25, 2017)

Texas. Florida. Puerto Rico. California. The growing climate disaster toll ought to raise questions about where humans can and should live.