Singers at the Black Hills Powwow in Rapid City, South Dakota. This year's event takes place October 5-7. Photo: Jeremiah M. Murphy

Native Sun News Today Editorial: We need a bigger arena for our powwow and basketball tournament

Remember to vote YES on the new Rapid City arena

By Native Sun News Today Editorial Board

Well friends that long awaited Primary Election Day is upon us.

So many of us chose not to be Republicans or Democrats over the past few years and we are being punished for it by the Republican Party.

We tried to get a bill passed a couple of years ago that would allow Independents the chance to vote in an open election, but that effort was shot down by the Republican majority in Pierre.

As Independents we are now forced to vote as a Republican or a Democrat in order to get a shot at voting for anyone we would like to see in office. It is totally unfair to Independents and it needs to be changed.

Many of us Independents, Democrats and even some Republicans were turned off by the initial TV advertising ads put on the air by some of the candidates. When Shantel Krebs, a candidate for Congress advertised that she was going to help Trump “Drain the swamp” and “build the wall” that did it for many of us.

Both of the candidates running for Governor, Kristi Noem and Marty Jackley, are both proclaiming themselves as “conservatives.” What in the heck is a conservative? Is it someone who walks lock step with a party while ignoring the interests of their constituents?

And what about those candidates who profess to have such high Christian values while totally ignoring the exposed adultery and blatant lies of their leader, Donald Trump? How can anyone be so two-faced?

We thought Dusty Johnson had some pretty original ads until he mucked up the water by going against his own ads by touting the business acumen and leadership of Trump. We are not all blinded by Trump’s lies Dusty. Oil prices are climbing to the sky while his oil buddies are pocketing millions of dollars and the nation’s deficit is climbing into the trillions of dollars.

Dusty’s ad talks about how each American child will have to pay $60,000 in order to overcome this horrendous deficit without once naming the person responsible for it. There is no more blaming Obama because whatever is happening to America is now owned by Trump. What is left of it is now Trumpcare, not Obamacare.

If you haven’t voted early there is still the question of the new Rapid City arena that is on the ballot. Most of us at Native Sun News Today voted “YES” on it. We want to see the biggest Black Hills Powwow and the biggest Native American basketball Lakota Nation Invitational in the United States and we need a larger arena to do it.


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