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Editorial: It's time for the Native vote to count this November

Sweeping the scum out of the back door
By Native Sun News Today Editorial Board

We believe it is imperative that the campaign manager hired by the different candidates running for the House of Representatives and for the Governor of South Dakota know the demographics of this State.

In the upcoming election Native Americans will turn out in the largest numbers ever because they are just plain sick and tired of politics as usual by the entrenched bureaucrats now running our government. It bothers all of us that Kristi Noem and even Billy Sutton, both running for Governor, and Tim Bjorkman and Dusty Johnson, both running for the U. S. House of Representatives, have campaign managers that know little or nothing about the power of the Native American vote.

Mark our words: In the final conclusion of these races it will be the Native American vote that decides who will hold these offices.

Kristi Noem is a creature that has thrived in the swamp known as Washington, D. C. Her leader, Donald S. Trump, has thrown his intelligence agencies under the bus and that is just the tip of the ice berg. What did he discuss in the private 2-hour meeting he had with Putin, and why didn’t he want no one else in the room? Did they discuss what it is the Putin is holding over his head?

Clearly there is something there that makes Trump terrified of Putin. We think it has more to do with money-laundering and illegal deals with the Russian government than the supposed “golden shower” one report accuses Trump of having while he was at the Miss America Pageant in Moscow. The shower is something Trump could just laugh off because he didn’t break any laws, but the money-laundering is a crime and he could be charged with a crime for that misdeed.


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