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Don’t let your heroes choose themselves

Native Sun News Today Contributing Editor

Here’s a couple of things the Rapid City Indian Community does not understand. Elected officials are not your leaders, only if you give them that power. They are your servants, and will be your servants if you make them understand they are not your boss.

The other thing, activists make terrible servants. They generally have a one trick pony soap box they cannot step off of, and they do not understand they are no longer a social justice activist. They are now the elected servant of their entire constituency, not just the people with which they agree or like. But try telling them that, try making them be that, should they ever get elected.

When the RC Indian Community doesn’t organize, and be its own watchdog, opportunists backed by tribal boards, tribal agencies, big money developers, public figures boasting PhDs and Ivy League educations, will swoop in to fill that power vacuum. Not to be a public servant, not to even be a social justice activist, although they will certainly put on those hats to fool you. They are here to scheme, and manipulate, all in cahoots with each other.

What they want is the prize, the pickings, whatever resources are there to exploit for them and their partners in exploitation. They will form boards that sound official because you do nothing to stop them from forming these boards, and the Rapid City Journal is horrible about investigating these people, about reporting on their activities. These people will put their henchmen on these RC Indian Community boards, some convicted felons, because you do nothing to stand up to their raw grab for influence and power.

This will not be their first try at this. If you look at their past, you will find previous schemes, largely failed schemes, or they wouldn’t need to work on this present scheme.


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