Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-Oklahoma): Weekly Wrap Up: January 13-16, 2020

Rep. Markwayne Mullin: Democrats ignore true problems in America

Mullin' It Over
The Do-Nothing Democrats

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats have been in the majority a little over a year and there’s little to show for it. They have been solely focused on furthering their socialist agenda and undermining President Trump at every turn.

Despite claiming they wanted to work together in a bipartisan way, time and time again House Democrats have chosen politics over progress.

Prescription drug prices are out of control. Instead of passing bipartisan bills to lower the cost for life-saving medications, Speaker Pelosi rammed through a partisan drug pricing plan that results in a government-takeover and fewer cures. She also added partisan poison pills to legislation that would lower the cost of prescription drugs on the House Floor at the last minute, which ensured it would never become law.

Last year, there were more apprehensions at our southern border than any year in the past decade. For months, Democrats played political games when it came to securing our border and even refused to admit there was a humanitarian crisis at the border. House Democrats ignored President Trump’s request for emergency funding for nearly two months until funding was days away from running out. They finally admitted there was a humanitarian crisis at the border, but still haven’t taken any action to secure the border and prevent a future humanitarian crisis.

House Democrats have also been so busy impeaching the president that legislation banning fentanyl nearly expired. Banning this substance has been an important step in fighting the opioid epidemic and protecting Americans from a deadly drug that is responsible for thousands of overdose deaths. Thankfully, because of pressure from Republicans, this legislation will be extended this week. It’s shameful that their political agenda was more important than combatting the opioid epidemic.

The only “accomplishment” from House Democrats in 2019 was impeaching our duly elected president and it has halted progress on any other issue. There are real problems the American people are facing every day that need our attention. I hope in 2020 the Do-Nothing Democrats can put the politics aside.

Markwayne Mullin, a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, was first elected to serve the people of Oklahoma’s Second Congressional District in November 2012. He is currently serving his fourth term in office. Mullin and his wife Christie have six children. The Mullin family currently resides in Westville, Oklahoma, on the same family farm where Markwayne was raised.

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