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Native Sun News Today Editorial: A moron unleashed

A woman was visiting Washington and she happened to see a bunch of Republican senators walking to a meeting. She said, “They were all standing upright and I found that hard to believe since none of them have any spines.”

And boy is she right. After the “spineless” Republican senate refused to impeach Trump it seems they forgot one little thing: A Trump unleashed is like turning a rabid pit bull loose. He immediately believed he was now untouchable having escaped Mueller and now impeachment. Anyone who had testified against him was now fodder for his revenge.

There was only one Republican senator who not only believed all of the evidence compiled against Trump who stood tall and that was Mitt Romney of Utah. South Dakota’s two spineless senators, Mike Rounds and John Thune, folded like cheap accordions. They folded just like the rest of their cowardly colleagues.

Now unleashed Trump began to defend all of his cohorts who are now in prison for crimes they committed while under his control. He was infuriated when the prosecutors in the Roger Stone case recommended a sentence of 7 to 9 years for his crimes. Using the power of the presidency, Trump immediately started to countermand the prosecutors and the judge by having his lackey, Attorney General Bill Barr, issue statements strongly implying that the sentence be reduced.

Nearly every prosecuting attorney in the US said they had never seen such an outrageous act of interference with the federal courts. These dissenters even included a few Republicans.

Now the question arises, can Trump be impeached again? The answer is probably yes, but we all know that is not going to happen.


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