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Native Sun News Today Editorial: Election 2020 will be a bumpy and a dirty ride

Washington D. C. is a community where up is down and down is up. Instead of a place to be respected, it has become a place to be feared. Let us break it down for our readers.

Donald Trump was impeached for trying to get a foreign country to dig up dirt against his most feared political opponent, Joe Biden. The GOP senators fell behind their impeached leader like a bunch of frightened sheep and refused to impeach him. At one time we assigned the acronym, GOP, Grand Old Party, to mean Greed Over People. We have to change that to the Grand Obsequious Party. It seems that bowing and scraping is the new sign of subservience to a disgraced and impeached president.

Joe Biden has been a target of Trump ever since he announced he was going to run for president. Trump even tried to get a foreign leader to announce he was investigating Biden’s son Hunter just to taint his reputation. This has been ongoing for more than two years. And so a Congress fed up with dirty trickery impeached Trump. His lackeys in the U. S. Senate refused to impeach him.

The pundits on national television all speculated about why Joe Biden had fallen in the polls over the past year without bothering to investigate the fact that Trump and his minions were secretly doing Biden great damage by the inferences of his dishonesty. Why couldn’t the talking heads see this?


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