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Posted by Native Sun News Today on Friday, May 24, 2019

Native Sun News Today Editorial: Publishing during a time of a pandemic

The mainstream media is making a laughing stock out of the seldom used national press conferences. Every time Trump and his lineup of sycophants take the podium to tell lies to the American people they are given the air time. The press conferences are even more comic because Trump will spout a bunch of lies and then one of his sycophants is forced to correct it.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has a truck load of videos to use in his commercials as a candidate running against Trump. If Biden had a staff of advisers with any smarts at all they would be looking over every one of the videos of Trump’s press conferences and of his rallies to weed out the lies and deceptions that are the focal point of all of them.

For example, before a large crowd in North Carolina, Trump’s last rally before the coronavirus epidemic shut him down, he stood at the podium doing his best impression of Benito Mussolini and called the coronavirus a hoax perpetrated by the media and the Democrats. A clever campaign video by Joe Biden would use this same video of Trump spouting about how the virus is a hoax and doing a simultaneous video showing the number of deaths attributed to the virus.

It has reached the point in America that even a pandemic is being used as a political tool by Donald Trump and his Republican colleagues. The GOP (Greed Over People) has come totally under the spell of Trump and his lies. The fact that only one Republican Senator, Mitt Romney, has found the backbone to question the authenticity of nearly all of Trumps fibs. He was the only Republican voting to impeach Trump and now that every American can see what a total mess Trump has made about the coronavirus pandemic, it is apparent that many lives could have been saved if Trump had taken the pandemic more seriously.

The Republicans are organizing a reelection campaign for Trump that will be touting what a great job Trump did in addressing the coronavirus pandemic. And they will do it in such a clever way that Trump’s diehard supporters will believe every word of it. But there is too much evidence out there that can easily refute any of the false advertisements about to be unleashed by the GOP.

There is no way of knowing how long this pandemic will last. Not only are many Americans dying because of it, but every American is feeling the changes it has brought to their lives. Schools and colleges are closed and the students are learning to finish this school year on their computers.

So far South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem has said that the State Parks will remain open. Does that mean that tourists from states like New York, Michigan, Washington and others states with massive coronavirus deaths will be able to come to South Dakota and freely continue to spread the virus amongst the locals?

We apologize to our readers for not publishing for 2 weeks, but we have several employees with diabetes and other illnesses that make them very vulnerable to the virus. We may be taking a chance to publish this particular issue, but we are abiding by all of the quarantine restrictions while we work.

Let’s hope that next week is a better and safer week for all of us.

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