Judge deals major blow to tribes in dispute over delayed COVID-19 relief (June 29, 2020)

A federal judge has handed the Trump administration a much-needed victory for its coronavirus response efforts, ruling that Alaska Native corporations are entitled to shares of an $8 billion COVID-19 relief fund.

Common Dreams: #DropOutHickenlooper say Indigenous activists (June 29, 2020)

'This sort of red face racism has no place in our politics,' says journalist Julian Brave Noisecat.

Native Sun News Today: Native women star in film (June 29, 2020)

'The climate crisis is not paused while we battle Covid-19; we must support and learn from those at the front line of the struggle for climate justice,' Esperanza Project founder Tracy Barnett says ahead of an online premiere of a new film.

Native Sun News Today Editorial: 2020 marks the 30th anniversary of the Year of Reconciliation and Native American Day (June 29, 2020)

Wouldn’t it be great if all of the Native and Non-Native schools in South Dakota celebrate together?

Chuck Hoskin: Stay safe and vote in June 30 election (June 29, 2020)

With government leaders at all levels making life-and-death decisions about how to respond to COVID-19, and with State Question 802 potentially bringing home billions in federal tax dollars to care for Oklahomans, this election will be one of the most important we have seen.

Elizabeth Cook-Lynn: The legendary words of Chekpa (June 29, 2020)

To know what happened to the indigenous past in America has become more vital than it has ever been.

Rusty Pickens and Geoffrey Roth: Rural Oklahoma needs Medicaid now (June 29, 2020)

Indian tribes have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic and expansion of Medicaid will help pay for costs associated with care.

Indian Lawmakers: We refuse to stand idle (June 29, 2020)

As Native Americans, we understand discrimination and racism. We live with it.

Tim Giago: Racism is a two-way street (June 29, 2020)

If Native Americans are going to seriously discuss racism I think we should be taking a close look at ourselves.