Report: Native leader has long held racist views
Friday, August 15, 2003

David Ahenakew, a Canadian Aboriginal leader who is charged with hate crimes, has long held racist and sexist views, according to a new report from This Magazine.

In its July/August edition, This Magazine says people who know Ahenakew are aware of his views towards Jews, African-Americans and women. "He got away with it because of his overwhelming knowledge and belief in values about protecting the Indian people," an Aboriginal lawyer is quoted as saying.

Ahenakew makes further comments to the magazine about racial control of the media. "When a group of people, a race of people, can control the world media, then there's got to be something done about that," he reportedly said.

Ahenakew has been charged under Canada's hate crimes statute for "inciting hatred" he made with comments praising the Holocaust. He apologized and stepped down from positions of leadership. He is a former former chief of the Assembly of First Nations and former head of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations.

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