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Mich. school unveils new admissions policy
Friday, August 29, 2003

The University of Michigan has eliminated a point-based scheme the Supreme Court ruled unconstitutional in an affirmative action case in June.

The undergraduate school will still take race and ethnicity into account, officials say. The law school's admissions policy is unaffected, as it was upheld by the high court.

Get the Story:
U-Michigan Reveals New Policy (The Washington Post 8/29)
U. of Michigan Alters Admissions Use of Race (The New York Times 8/29)
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Get the Decision:
Grutter v. Bollinger | Gratz v. Bollinger

Oral Arguments:
MP3: Excerpt | Transcript: Grutter v. Bollinger | Transcript: Gratz v. Bollinger | Real Audio: Both Hearings

Amicus Briefs:
Tribes in Michigan and Wisconsin | U-Mich minority student law associations | New Mexico minority bar associations

Relevant Documents:
Supreme Court Docket Sheet No. 02-241 | Brief: Grutter | Brief: University of Michigan | Brief: Department of Justice

Holdings Below:
Appeals Court: GRUTTER v. BOLLINGER, No. 01-1447, 01-1516 (May 14, 2002) | District Court: GRUTTER v. BOLLINGER (March 27, 2001)

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