Martin not upset she was passed over for BIA post
Thursday, September 25, 2003

Aurene Martin, the number 2 at the Bureau of Indian Affairs, is not upset she wasn't picked by the White House to run the agency.

Martin, 37, told The Native American Times that she lacked experience for the assistant secretary job. "I have been given a tremendous opportunity for someone of my age and experience. Before July of 2002 I never really had the chance to be in a management position, and since then I have had the ability to get experience in managing an organization with 10,000 employees," she said in an interview yesterday in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she was spoke with tribes about the BIA reorganization.

President Bush has chosen David Anderson, 50, to run the BIA. Anderson founded a national restaurant chain that reported $90 million in revenues last year.

Martin has been acting as head of the BIA since her former boss, Neal McCaleb, retired in December. "It�s been fantastic, it�s been a lot of fun, but I don�t have any animosity because I don�t really have a proven record of management like Mr. Anderson does," she told the paper.

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