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The Bureau of Reclamation, the lead Federal agency, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs and White Mountain Apache Tribe (WMAT), cooperatingagencies, are intending to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the proposed WMAT Rural Water System. Pursuant to the WMAT Water Rights Quantification Act (Title III of the Claims Resolution Act of 2010), the United States Congress authorized and directed Reclamation to plan, design, and construct the WMAT Rural Water System to divert, store, and distribute water from the North Fork of the White River for the use and benefit of the WMAT. The proposed action would fulfill the Bureau of Reclamation's statutory mandate under the WMAT Water Rights Quantification Act. The Rural Water System would also serve the purpose of providing a long-term, dependable, and sustainable water supply for residents and businesses on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation.