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Pursuant to the provisions of the Privacy Act of 1974, as amended, the Department of the Interior is issuing a public notice of its intent to amend the Bureau of Indian Affairs Privacy Act system of records, “Indian Electric Power Utilities—Interior, BIA 26,” to update the system name, system location, categories of individuals covered by the system, categories of records in the system, authority for maintenance of the system, routine uses, storage, safeguards, retention and disposal, system manager and address, notification procedures, records access and contesting procedures, and recordssource categories. The system name will be updated to the “Electrical Utility Management System, BIA-26.” The Electrical Utility Management System is an automated billing system used to facilitate the management of the utility billing process within the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The system will assist an electrical utility provider in managing functions, such as billing, collections, service orders, meter reading, managing customer accounts, accounting, and tracking service history for Bureau of Indian Affairs electrical utility customers.