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This proposed rule would replace Onshore Oil and Gas Order Number 4, Measurement of Oil (Order 4) with new regulations that would be codified in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Order 4 establishes minimum standards for the measurement of oil produced from Federal and Indian (except Osage Tribe) leases to ensure that production is accurately measured and properly accounted for. Order 4 was issued in 1989.

The changes contemplated as part of this proposed rule would strengthen the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) policies governing production accountability by updating its minimum standards for oil measurement to reflect the considerable changes in technology and industry practices that have occurred in the 25 years since Order 4 was issued. This proposed rule addresses the use of new oil meter technology, proper measurement documentation, and recordkeeping; establishes performance standards for oil measurement systems; and includes a mechanism for the BLM to review, and approve for use, new oil measurement technology and systems. The proposed rule expands the acts of noncompliance that would result in an immediate assessment under the existing regulations. Finally, it sets forth a process for the BLM to consider variances from these requirements.