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On February 22, 1945, the Secretary of the Interior issued an Order restoring to the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians of Minnesota (“Tribe”) certain lands that the Tribe had previously ceded to the United States for use by non-Indians. The lands restored to the Tribe by the 1945 Order are lands that were continuously held in trust by the United States since the cessions, that were never sold or otherwise disposed of, and for which the Tribe was never paid. This notice provides a partial list of the legal descriptions of lands restored to the Tribe by the 1945 Order. The Secretary included in the 1945 Order “lands which have been assessed for drainage works by the State of Minnesota under the authority of the Volstead Act of May 20, 1908 . . . subject to any existing valid rights.” The Department has reviewed and resolved title issues that arose regarding applicability of the Volstead Act. Thus, without further delay, these legal descriptions are published as representing lands among the lands restored to the Tribe as trust lands.