ThinkProgress: Team brings in big guns to save racist mascot (January 31, 2014)

The owner of the Washington professional football team has enlisted prominent Republican lobbyists and former politicians in his bid to keep a racist mascot.

Sen. Cantwell won't confirm new committee chair position (January 31, 2014)

Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Washington) won't say which leadership post she is taking now that she's giving up control of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee.

Blog: Isleta Pueblo comes together to restore historic church (January 31, 2014)

Isleta Pueblo in New Mexico is home to a 400-year-old church.

Yurok Tribe schedules election to replace late Bonnie Green (January 31, 2014)

The Yurok Tribe of California has called a special election to fill the seat of Bonnie Green, a council member who passed away on January 18.

Hualapai Tribe sued for taking over business on reservation (January 31, 2014)

The Hualapai Tribe of Arizona is being sued by a former non-Indian partner.

Montana tribes reach agreements for Cobell land buy-back (January 31, 2014)

Two Montana tribes signed agreements as part of the Land Buy-Back Program for Tribal Nations.

Series: Fighting poverty in America and the Choctaw Nation (January 31, 2014)

The Independent visits the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma to see if being named a Promise Zone by President Barack Obama will help the tribe combat poverty.

Navajo Nation Council approves bill to impose junk food tax (January 31, 2014)

The Navajo Nation Council voted 12-7 on Thursday to pass the Healthy Dine Nation Act of 2013.

Albert Bender: Help tribes in South Dakota with foster care (January 31, 2014)

Albert Bender seeks support for a petition that calls on President Barack Obama to support tribal foster care programs in South Dakota.

Steve Russell: Looking back on growing up without a father (January 31, 2014)

Steve Russell on the hero he always wanted to be.

Mark Trahant: Looking for a year of action in Indian Country (January 31, 2014)

The thing I like about state of unions -- the national kind, the NCAI kind, and the tribal kind -- is that it’s a to do list.

Native Sun News: Loss of land and culture at boarding school (January 31, 2014)

The Rapid City Indian School opened its doors to many of the Northern Plains Indian children in 1898 joining the more than 20 Indian boarding schools established to educate and assimilate the Indian children taken from their homes.

Troy Eid: Making Native America safer for a new generation (January 31, 2014)

Former U.S. Attorney Troy Eid, the chairman of the Indian Law and Order Commission, explains why the justice system on reservations and in Alaska Native villages needs to be reformed.