Blog: Paper retracts Opinion linking Sen. Boxer to Graton casino

"In 2006, Democrats successfully won back control of Congress by highlighting corruption scandals involving Jack Abramoff, a lobbyist specializing in Indian tribes. But does one Democrat in particular have a problem of her own with her interventions on behalf of a California tribe that now operates a casino just outside of San Francisco? Barbara Boxer pushed a bill reinstating a tribe designated as “defunct” by the BIA 40 years earlier. Rick Manning at The Hill says the deal — and what ensued — would have “made Jack Abramoff blush."

Manning also details the hilarious rationalization that allowed Boxer to reinstate a tribe that had disappeared decades earlier, but that’s almost beside the point. Boxer also exempted the “reservation” from the environmental regulation she imposed on everyone else in order to make sure the casino project moved forward.

Update III: The Hill has determined that their portion of the story has serious factual problems, and was not properly researched. For instance, Boxer did not change the bill to allow gaming; her version of the bill continued the House prohibition on it. The source for her son making millions on the deal was not reliable, and Boxer’s camp disputes it. He also was not a partner at Platinum Advisers, as The Hill reported, and Boxer’s camp disputes that Kenwood Investments 2 had any dealings with the purchase of land in Rohnert Park."

Get the Story:
Boxer’s sweetheart deal with reinstated Indian tribe; Update: The Hill retracts (Hot Air 10/30)

9th Circuit Decision:
Stop The Casino 101 Coalition v. Salazar (June 3, 2010)

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