Editorial: Reach compromise on Graton Rancheria's casino project

"An area of land behind Home Depot has the potential to become a hub of job opportunties, nightlife and visitor attractions. The Federated Indians of Greaton Rancheria has successfully moved the jurisdiction of this land from county oversight into a federated trust held by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. It is only a matter of time before the plans to create a massive casino and hotel complex move forward.

Sonoma State University is unable to provide paying jobs for all of its students. Many must travel to Petaluma, Santa Rosa or farther to find employment to make ends meet while they progress in their degrees. If a local organization is willing to create these jobs for which there is constant demand, why not allow it?

For those local residents tired of the influx of college students hitting the Cotati Crawl each Thursday night, the casino may offer welcome relief. If students have the option to go elsewhere without driving out of town, they will most likely take advantage of it. Bars along the Crawl are familiar and enjoyable, but everyone can appreciate new choices."

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9th Circuit Decision:
Stop The Casino 101 Coalition v. Salazar (June 3, 2010)

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