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Oneida Nation denies derailing Cayuga land deal

The Oneida Nation of New York rejected accusations that it derailed settlement of the Cayuga land claim.

A county lawmaker said the tribe objected to the settlement because it would allowed the Seneca-Cayuga Tribe of Oklahoma to re-establish rights in the state.

An Oneida Nation representative did not dispute the tribe objects to the return of the Seneca-Cayugas. "Out-of-state tribes have no business coming to New York to open a casino," David Hollis told The Syracuse Post-Standard.

But Hollis denied that the tribe was behind the failure of the settlement negotiations. A Cayuga Nation official also said the Oneidas had nothing to do with it.

The Cayuga Nation and the Seneca-Cayuga Tribe are parties to the 64,000-acre claim. The potential settlement involved $248 million and consideration for casinos.

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Oneidas deny derailing Cayuga land deal (The Syracuse Post-Standard 8/6)

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