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Rod Van Mechelen: A report from GOP convention

"President Bush has reaffirmed tribal sovereignty several times, including in the Native American Heritage Proclamations of 2001-03. His administration has provided more than $1.1 billion for school construction and repairs. His 2005 budget requests $3.7 billion for Indian Health Service, an increase of $45 million over last year, and he has increased diabetes prevention funding by 50 percent, to $150 million.

Like Ronald Reagan, he is committed to fostering autonomy and self-sufficiency through economic development. To this end, his 2005 budget includes $1 million to help develop uniform business codes for all tribes, which are vital to making Indian country more attractive for commercial investments.

For some of us, these facts speak for themselves. The Bush Administration has given much to address the present needs of the Indian tribes, while working to further the future economic independence that Indian country so desperately needs. But it takes more than money and programs to make a leader worthy of support. "

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Rod Van Mechelen: Message From Thurston County Gop Delegate (The Olympian 9/3)

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