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Book Review: Amazing story of 'one dedicated Ojibwe'

"Everyone hopes for a biographer as tenacious and open-hearted as Jane Pejsa. Emily Peake, "one dedicated Ojibwe" indeed, got her, and a great life in the history of Minnesota has been reclaimed.

With the cooperation of Peake's family, historian Pejsa extensively reviewed Peake's letters, interviewed her surviving friends and examined the long history of Indian-white relations in Minnesota and Minneapolis. And in a bombshell, Pejsa was able to extract from the U.S. government Peake's military and FBI files and their revelations of nasty government interference in her and her family's life.

What a story. Not only of the vivacious, pioneering Emily Peake, Crane clan from White Earth, but of the history of the Ojibwe people in Minnesota, particularly those with White Earth roots, and the formation of the modern Minneapolis urban Indian community."

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Book review: The Life of Emily Peake: One Dedicated Ojibwe (The Minneapolis Star Tribune 6/20)