Federal Recognition
Nipmuc Nation vows appeal of recognition decision

The Nipmuc Nation of Massachusetts said it would appeal the Bureau of Indian Affairs' decision to deny the tribe federal recognition.

In a final determination, the BIA said the tribe failed to meet four out of seven mandatory criteria. According to the BIA, a majority of the tribe's membership does not descend from the historical Nipmuc tribe, there was no identification of the group as an Indian tribe from 1900 to 1979, the tribe has not comprised a distinct community from historical times and the tribe has not exercised political influence from historical times to the present.

The tribe's backer, Lakes Entertainment, said it may cut its funding. The firm's owner is a former business partner of assistant secretary Dave Anderson, who played no role in the decision.

The BIA rejected the Chaubunagungamaugs Band of Nipmucs.

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