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Ward Churchill on being an Indian: 'I am not'

Controversial University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill admitted on Tuesday that he is not Native American, according to a Hawaii paper that has since issued a retraction.

In his first out-of-state appearance since stirring up controversy with an essay comparing some of the victims of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attack to Nazis, Churchill spoke to a large crowd at the University of Hawaii on Tuesday. He brought up the subject of his ancestry.

"Let's cut to the chase; I am not," he said, The Honolulu Star-Bulletin reported on Wednesady before issuing a correction.

Churchill said the issue of his heritage was made up by the media. The Star-Bulletin did not report whether he addressed claims that he made himself about being Indian.

In related news, University of Colorado regents are reviewing Churchill's academic history in response to the 9/11 controversy. CU president Betsy Hoffman told Republican lawmakers yesterday that their public statements against Churchill could end up helping him if he ends up getting fired.

"If we approach this issue wrong ... professor Churchill will win his lawsuit with triple damages and be back on the faculty, and a very wealthy man at our expense," Hoffman was quoted as saying.

Churchill's next major appearance is at the University of Wisconsin next month for the school's Native Pride week.

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