Cherokee Nation celebrates Supreme Court win

The Cherokee Nation welcomed the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in the contract support costs case.

The tribe manages Indian Health Services programs under a self-determination contract. But the agency wouldn't pay the tribe the full amount of the contract, saying there weren't enough funds available.

The unanimous court rejected the defense and said the contracts are "legally binding." Cherokee Nation officials said the ruling will help other tribes.

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High court says government owes Cherokees money (AP 3/3)

Get the Decision Cherokee Nation v. Leavitt:
Sylalbus | Opinion [Breyer] | Concurrence [Scalia]

Lower Court Decisions:
Fed Circuit: Thompson v. Cherokee Nation (July 3, 2003) | 10th Circuit: Cherokee Nation v. Thompson (November 26, 2002) |

Relevant Documents:
Docket Sheet No. 03-853: Thompson v. Cherokee Nation | Docket Sheet No. 02-1472: Cherokee Nation v. Thompson | Department of Justice Petition No. 03-853 | Department of Justice Supplemental Brief No. 02-1472

Related Decisions:
9th Circuit: Shoshone-Bannock v. Thompson (October 16, 2001) | 9th Circuit: Navajo Nation v. HHS, No. 99-16129 (April 8, 2003)

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