Editorial: Disenrollment becoming too common

"The enrollment controversy within the Mooretown Rancheria is becoming much too familiar among tribes nationwide.

These stories are becoming commonplace as Indian gaming revenues become a significant source of income for tribes. The more money there is, the more people with Indian lineage will want a cut or, if you believe the ousted members in some cases, the more some tribal members will attempt to limit the number of people who get a cut.

In most cases, these are like family squabbles, resolved internally. Tribes are sovereign nations, governed according to self-established constitutions. They owe no court save the BIA an explanation. They offer non-Indians little explanation. The Mooretown Rancheria decision, for example, was explained to the local media and the nontribal public in a press release. Details were not discussed. It's not uncommon."

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Editorial: Sovereignty no cause for silence (The Chico Enterprise Record 4/1)

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