Businesses linked to tribe gave $43K, mostly to GOP

Three businesses linked to the Catawba Nation of South Carolina made $42,750 in campaign contributions since 2000, with 82 percent going to Republican candidates, The State reports.

The paper said the donations went to GOP politicians like President Bush, and Sens. Lindsey Graham, and Jim DeMint. The money was given by three companies whose offices were raided last month as part of an election fraud probe.

The paper said the FBI raided the businesses and sought records related to their dealings with the tribe. The FBI was looking for possible illegal contributions or "straw" contributions made in another person's name.

The paper conducted a wider search on contributions made by other companies linked to the tribe and found $100,000 in donations, with most of it going to Democrats. Bush and other Republicans received 25 percent of the total funds.

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$43,000 given to political hopefuls (The State 9/15)
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