Family feels 'conned' by former Crow representative

A family from Oregon feels "conned" after investing $402,000 in a development deal with a former representative of the Crow Tribe of Montana, The Billings Gazette reports.

Melissa Deegan and her family say they were fascinated by Ted Hogan, a former Crow official who was hired by current chairman Carl Venne to act as an exclusive agent for securing development funding. Hogan, whose Indian name is Ted Kills in the Fog, promised millions, Deegan says.

"I was a little intimidated by the name,'' Deegan told the paper. "We were just totally intrigued by his stories.''

Venne terminated his agreement with Hogan amid questions over Hogan's activities. A woman from Virginia says she gave Hogan $66,000 and has received nothing.

Hogan was convicted in a tribal corruption scandal in 1990. He is based out of Sedona, Arizona, and is scheduled to be part of a "healing retreat" there later this month. He is called a "man of great wisdom" who will lead a "sacred healing tobacco ceremony" and share "the wisdom of the Ancient Ones," according to a web page [Link].

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