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Opinion: Shakopee Tribe wrong to attack county

"As the five elected members of the Scott County Board, we feel compelled to express our profound disappointment with the manner in which the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community (SMSC) has chosen to address the issue of land trust in our community.

Instead of accepting repeated offers to negotiate with each other in a mutually respectful environment, the SMSC has opted for a far more divisive and less productive route: Attacking Commissioner Barbara Marschall, in print and through radio and television ads.

It is unfortunate that -- despite the county's desire to forge a mutually acceptable agreement with the SMSC that would allow for phased-in, need-based land trust -- they have embittered this legitimate debate with such inappropriate rhetoric. We have always believed, and have acted in the same spirit, that reasonable people can disagree without becoming disagreeable; this principle should be even more significant when the disagreement occurs between governments."

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Scott County Board: Tribe's attacks on board over land trust are inaccurate, misleading and divisive (The Minneapolis Star Tribune 2/9)

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