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Hopi chair cites medical issue in drinking incident

The chairman of the Hopi Tribe of Arizona says he was on medication and only had two beers the night police found him "intoxicated" in a hotel, George Joe of Rez Biz Magazine reports.

According to his spokesperson, Ivan Sidney was on "personal leave" on June 27. That was when police in Winslow found him drunk in a hallway at the Adobe Inn.

Police said Sidney urinated and passed out in the hallway. His blood alcohol level was 0.311, almost three times the state limit.

Sidney faces an August 3 tribal council hearing over his conduct. His spokesperson didn't know what medication he is taking but told Joe, "You do know he has not been in good health. ... And he only had two cans of beer."

Joe posted copies of tribal council documents and the police report on his blog.

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Hopi Chairman to Face Tribal Council on Aug. 3 over off-Rez hotel drinking inciden (George Joe of Rez Biz Magaine 7/27)

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