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Editorial: No Bigfoot on Pine Ridge Reservation

" The Good: Do a Google search for "Bigfoot" and you turn up 10.5 million hits, not all of them related to the large, hairy, ape-like creature that purportedly roams the North American continent, always sighted but never photographed, at least nothing uncontrovertable. So it was with amusement that the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology put out a press release last week denying that the Rapid City school was in possession of the carcass of a Sasquatch that had been shot and killed on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation on Aug. 1.

A rumor posted on an Internet blog site,, alleged that the creature's remains were at Tech. In fact, the site continues to claim that there have been a "rash of Bigfoot sightings" on the Pine Ridge reservation and that the creatures are amusing themselves by "peeking into windows" at night. We humans, meanwhile, amuse ourselves by speculating that Bigfoot actually exists."

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