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Bad Eagle: Not banished from Comanche Nation

"I'm the only conservative Indian in the media, but apparently that's one too many. So they have taken to saying I�m an adopted child, not the son of my Comanche mother, therefore not Comanche. But that lie failed, so now they're saying the Comanches have banished me from the tribe. Bald Beagle, one of the more sardonic anti-Yeagley blogs, announced that the Comanche Nation had officially banished me, July 28, 2006.

Any Comanche knew immediately that it was false.

There was no "tribal council" meeting in July. (There was a special session oin August 5, and the authoritative body is called the "General Council." It includes all Comanche Nation members, not a select group of elected officials.) And contrary to the Bald Eagle article, Mike Burgess is not the tribal chairman. He wasn't then, and after a run-off election August 19, he still isn't. The chairman is Wallace Coffey. (And, contrary to Bald Beagle, Wilma Mankiller, Tex Hall, Winona LaDuke and Ben Nighthorse Campbell have never visited the Comanche Nation headquarters as a body, and certainly not recently, and not about me or my alleged banishment.)

"Bald Beagle" is an obvious take-off on Bad Eagle, my official web site. That's the first sign of foolishness. There is no identification of who is behind Bald Beagle. The only identified author is Dr. Bald Beagle."

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