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Washington Post: It's time to get rid of 'Redskins'

"The Washington Redskins start their season tonight and, as most sports fans will attest, it is a time to think of endless possibilities. Let's hope that a new coach for offense and an aging quarterback make for a winning combination, that Clinton Portis's shoulder heals quickly and -- the biggest wish of all -- that the season ends with a January ride on the bandwagon. We share in the excitement, but in truth we also are embarrassed to embrace a team that is so terribly named.

This is not a new issue, nor is it the first time we have urged the change of a name that, as a check with the dictionary shows, is a racial slur. In the early 1990s, a group of Native Americans sued over the name, citing federal law prohibiting the registration of any trademark that disparages any race, religion or group. There's been new activity in this challenge, and once again the Redskins are on the defensive, advancing the argument that since the team and its fans don't intend to be racist, the nickname is not offensive.

While the Redskins -- and the rest of professional sports -- have dug in their heels, a nationwide movement has seen hundreds of schools and minor league professional clubs get rid of Indian team names -- with no adverse consequences."

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Editorial: Go Redskins (The WAshington Post 9/11)

Redskins Petition:
Blackhorse v. ProFootball

Appeals Court Decision:
Pro-Football, Inc. v. Harjo (July 15, 2005)

Lower Court Decision:
Pro-Football, Inc. v. Harjo (September 30, 2003)

Patent and Trademark Office Ruling:
Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (1999)

William "Lone Star" Dietz Research:
Linda Waggoner: Reclaiming James One Star (Indian Country Today 2004)

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