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Hualapai Tribe plans for Grand Canyon Skywalk

After a year delay, the Hualapai Tribe of Arizona plans to open its skywalk over the Grand Canyon in March 2004.

The ambitious project was announced in August 2005 and was to open a few months later. But it has been met with design and development changes and a dispute with contractors.

The tribe, however, is hopeful that the $30 million project will bring millions of tourists to the reservation, which sits on the West Rim of Grand Canyon National Park. Tourists tend to visit the eastern side.

Developer David Jin, a Chinese immigrant, is financing the skywalk. He earned the tribe's trust after bringing bus tours to the reservation.

In exchange for funding, Jin will receive 25 percent of revenues and the tribe will receive 75 percent. Over time, the tribe will own 100 percent.

As part of the tourism venture, the tribe wants to pave a road leading to the Grand Canyon West. But a local ranch owner who also depends on visitors is refusing to grant access.

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