Editorial: Paiute business demonstrates success

"Who knew that a seed planted by The Paiute Tribe of Utah economic development director Travis Parashonts would emerge so profoundly, as the strong Cedar trees that thrive throughout this region, with a computer service related company that bears the same name - Suh'dutsing - meaning "Cedar" in Paiute.

Suh'dutsing Technologies, LLC, owned by the Cedar Band of Paiutes, stepped into the business world quietly but has been receiving roaring reviews with prestigious honors touting the 21st century services provided by the company, which includes data processing and storage, Web site hosting, networking installation and development, computer programming and software sales and development. If it has anything to do with information technology, Suh'dutsing has demonstrated it can do it - and successfully.

Since it opened in Sept., 2004, Suh'dutsing has landed four contracts with the U.S. Department of the Interior's Technical Services to Engineering and Information Technology Disciplines, including a five-year, up to $200 million agreement. In its first year of existence, the company placed 22nd on Washington Technology's 2005 Top 25 contractors. It has also been ranked 27th in American Indian businesses nationwide. Most recently, it was awarded by DiversityBusiness.com as one of the Top 500 diversity-owned businesses in the nation with a Top Small Business award because of its business volume and received nominations."

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