Choctaw Man: U.S. still blind to reality after 9/11

"This country acted like a victim on 9/11. Those 3,700 people who died did nothing directly to the hijackers who attacked the twin towers.

They just worked in a building that was a sign of capitalistic greed and oppression.

Similarly, the minorities in this country who were oppressed by capitalism by virtue of their slave labor, their lands being taken and their people being overlooked politically and underpaid, were subjugated by capitalists who wished for their wealth and their silence. No one hears much about the racial massacres of the Munsee People at Gnadenhutten, the Cheyenne People at Sand Creek, the Lakota at Wounded Knee or the African-Americans in Tulsa in 1921.

All of these atrocities and many others were committed by Euro-Americans in the name of subjugation for exploitational purposes. This country has blood on its hands on its own soil. Soil that it refuses to compensate the victims for to this day. Double standards and naivety are no excuse."

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Mike Ford, age 36, Lawrence (The Lawrence Journal-World 9/11)