Editorial: 'Heroes' spoke out about misspending

"The troubles at Twin Buttes on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation will not be settled quickly, but for the most part they are being dealt with openly now.

The federal grand jury indictment of seven past and present school board members and district employees does not in itself solve anything.

It should be noted that on Thursday in federal court in Bismarck, all seven pleaded not guilty to charges of conspiracy, embezzlement and fraud.

Having a part in the story coming to light was the reporting done over a span of time by the Tribune’s Lauren Donovan.

She pays tribute to “heroes,” as she terms them, on the reservation who spoke out when it would have been easier and less risky to bury secrets.

Donovan’s persistence in reporting is noteworthy because of the tendency of a reservation community to exclude outsiders from hearing about its troubles."

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