Column: Bobby Kennedy dedicated to Indians

"If you are a child of the '60s trying to understand reasons for a controversial war, finding your way through a cultural explosion of ideas, music, literature, then "Bobby" demands your attention.

I don't do movie reviews, and won't start now, but the movie about the night Bobby Kennedy was shot was personal to a lot of people.

Arthur Schlesinger Jr. documented Kennedy's life and death, touching on some of the South Dakota events. He noted the irritation of the candidate's staff when he told them he would take his Senate Indian subcommittee to South Dakota not long before the primary.

Kennedy told them: "Those of you who think you're running my campaign don't love Indians the way I do. You're a bunch of bastards."

Twelve years later, his son, Robert Jr., came to South Dakota to campaign for his Uncle Ted Kennedy's presidential candidacy. One of his stops was on the Pine Ridge Reservation, and it made an impression on the late senator's son.

It was his decision to go there.

He knew that is where his dad would have wanted him to be."

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