Editorial: Navajo Nation slow to reopen Boys & Girls

" We can't seem to get too excited about the proposed April reopening of the Shiprock Boys and Girls Club. Why? Well, there was a time when we were enthusiastic. We were happy for the children of the Navajo Nation in July 2005 when three of the 14 clubs reopened with "Shiprock not too far behind."

We also got our hopes up in September 2005 when the lead of a story read, "The doors of the Shiprock Boys and Girls Club, locked since Dec. 4, 2004, will open in a couple of months, according to Shiprock Chapter officials and the director of the Navajo Nation Department of Youth."

We became cautiously optimistic in January 2007 when Navajo Nation officials announced the club would reopen in February.

Now comes news that by the middle of April the club will reopen. But with the club still closed, we see a troubling pattern.

Frankly, we've heard so many proposed dates pushed back by the Navajo Nation and key organizers that we're beginning to doubt if the club will actually open its doors anytime soon."

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Editorial: Shiprock Boys, Girls Club: Waiting game continues (The Farmington Daily Times 3/20)

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