Editorial: Treaty rights deal closes troubling chapter

"A troubling chapter in history has been closed with the presumptive deal reached with five American Indian tribes in Michigan. It will establish a new treaty defining the rights of the descendants of those who bargained away their ancestral hunting grounds in 1836, paving the way for Michigan statehood in 1837.

Arguments over the final settlement of that treaty have also left open wounds among non-native hunters and outdoors enthusiasts, especially those who compete with the descendants of American Indians, who once were the only population here, for today's rich fish and game stocks. This question should have been settled generations ago, but at least closure seems to have been reached this century.

It is noteworthy that groups traditionally opposed to the terms of past settlement proposals seem to have resigned themselves to the inevitability of this deal, which gives neither American Indians nor non-tribal sporting interests all they want. Rebecca Humphries, director of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, in announcing the agreement, said it will "provide stability and predictability in an area of former legal uncertainty."

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