Letter: Guilt by membership -- Crow man's trial

"Ted Hogan being an enrolled member of the Crow Tribe and convicted many years ago seemed to be of extreme importance to The Gazette. These were mentioned twice per article and in photo captions. Perhaps reiterating these facts was meant to establish his guilt in 2007. However, as Hogan remarked, there is justice in Montana. What a relief and bright promise that is - that a jury could see beyond a man's race and past. Hogan is a gentleman, thanking and blessing them and his accusers also.

If one is an enrolled member of the Crow Tribe, one is guilty of almost anything of which one is accused. Fortunately, there has been one jury in the past 150 years who did not use that criteria to convict. God bless them again."

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Steve Yapuncich: Hogan's past mentioned often in Gazette coverage (The Billings Gazette 1/20)

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