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Jilted investors detail ex-Crow official's schemes

Four people who said they gave or loaned more than $1 million to a former official of the Crow tribe of Montana testified in federal court on Tuesday.

Louise Kilcourse, a retiree, said she developed a "beautiful friendship" with Hogan, who also goes by the name of Ted Kills in the Fog. But when asked if she would lend him $680,000 again, she started laughing.

"I'd have to think twice about that," she testified, The Billings Gazette reported.

Allison Reilly, a software executive, was also wooed by Hogan, 61, who once called her at work to tell her he loved her. She said she gave him $314,000, part of which went to a "Bring the Europeans Over" scheme in hopes of averting a world disaster.

Two others said they gave or invested over $160,000 to Hogan. One man said he thought he was helping the Crow Tribe with minerals development.

Hogan, a former tribal secretary, was working for the tribe as a consultant. But he was terminated after he failed to bring and oil and gas leads.

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